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Agricultural Products

Asviton Impex Private Limited is one of the leading agriculture commodity and solar energy solutions importer & exporter, trader in India. Our company is importing and exporting agriculture commodities and solar energy solutions to customers across the globe. The company deals in a various agriculture product such as Raw Cashew Nuts, Soyabean Seeds, Maize, Chickpeas and solar energy solutions as Solar photo-Voltic (PV) module, Solar water heater, Solar Street lights, Solar water pumps. 

Our company has skilled and knowledgeable employees who are directly purchase agriculture products from selected farmers so we supply good quality of agriculture products to our business partner

Asviton Impex Private Limited is reliable and trustworthy export company in Indore. It is situated in India’s growing state of Madhya Pradesh. Company is established in order to upliftment of rural products by purchasing directly from that farmer so this way over all progress of rural people by giving them appropriate price. 

We have wide experience of farming products because we are basically come from farmer background so we know good and bad side of these products. We have been in this line since 2015.

We appointed qualified and experience person in our company so we give maximum benefits of their knowledge and skill to our end user customer by quality of products and fair price of that products. 

We give our products to our customer over all at low cost with good quality. We follow the international norms so we can able to give our customer to quality products with easy availability. 

We take care of our entire business partner because we believe to make relation with them life time.

On-Time Service

At Asviton Impex, we excel in perfect time management skills

Expert Team

At Asviton Impex, our strength lies in our expert team


we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality at the best price

Best Price

At Asviton Impex, our strength lies in our expert team

Our Products

We Provide High Quality Agro – Products at Asviton Impex

Raw Cashew Nuts

Asviton Impex is a prime trader in agro commodities, acts as the main supplier of raw cashew to cashew trader in India. We meet the quality standards in terms of out-turn or yield, nut count, humidity content while exporting, and packaging and shipment. We are directly connected with crop growers and hence provide raw cashew nuts as RCN importers directly from farms.We offer competitive prices to the buyers in India. We source the best raw cashew nuts (RCN) that are grown in suitable soil: sandy to laterite and in humid tropical conditions.
Raw Cashew nuts (RCN) are grown commercially in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. The major cashew nut-producing African countries are Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique, Côte d’Ivoire, and Guinea Bissau. Countries such as Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Benin are also increasing their raw cashew nut yield by using more land for cashew nut cultivation. There is a huge demand for cashew kernels globally. However, it is monopolized by a certain segment of traders. The cashews from West Africa are generally exported as unprocessed raw cashew nuts. On average, 90% of the cashew raw nuts from Africa are exported to India.


  • These raw cashew nuts contain 8% moisture, with the upper limit being 10%.
  • They yield 180-200 nuts per kilo. This falls in the category of very-good and good (aforementioned in Nut Count Section).
  • Their Quality or Out-turn is more than 48 – 50 lbs. (or pounds). This means one can get mostly more than 48 – 50 pounds per 80 kg of raw material. This falls in the category of good out-turn.
  • Foreign Matter: 0.5 %


Cavendish Banana

Cavendish Banana The careful selection of farms and its management with highly qualified our team and constant expansion every month ensures us a continuous delivery and a high-quality Bananas. Packed as per buyer’s demand. Banana originated from central India. The place One of the largest Green Cavendish cultivating area in the country adopting 100% drip irrigation technology and most ideal climatic condition for cultivating banana.


Color – Green
Mature – 40 to 46 (depend upon the age, size & length)
Length – Minimum 18 cm- 25 cm (Pulp to tip)
Hands – 4,5,6 hands 85% & 7 hands 15%
Net weight – 13.100 Kgs. per carton box
Gross weight – 14.200 Kgs. per carton box
Temperature – In refer 13.5 degree
Delivery – 10 to 15 days after received advance payment
Loadability – 1x40Ft. Container can load 1540 carton box .

Potato Flour

Potato Flour is considered a great alternative to other starches as thickening and a binding agent. Our products are nicely processed as such that it stays for a longer period. Our products are used for gluten-free and allergy-free cooking.


Moisture – 11 Max.

Total Ash – 5 Max.

Crude Fiber – 3 Max.

Protein – 10 to 13

Ecoil – Absent

Salmonella – Absent

Packing – 50 Kgs. PP Bags or as per Buyer Requirement

Loadablity – 1x20Ft.  Container 19 Mts.

Delivery – 10 to 12 days after received advance payment

Soybean Seed (NON GMO)

We have gained expertise to offer our clients a superior quality range of Soyabean Seed. The  seeds we offer are rich in protein and are regularly consumed as a cereal in variety Indian and abroad kitchens as well as used for oil extraction and livestock (Poultry, Cattle, Aqua) feed usage. All our soyabean seeds are widely demanded by the clients due to their rich taste and  high nutritional value. The central region of India produce 70% of total India yield of Soybean. Being present in Indore – hub of soyabean in INDIA, it makes us possible to get you best quality product. Moreover, we are capable of providing these soyabean seeds to the clients in bulk amount in accordance their needs.


Color – Yellow

Type – Seeds

Moisture – <12%

Sand Silica – <2%

Green Seed – <7%

Damage Seeds – 2%

Packing – 25Kg and 50Kg PP Bags or as per Buyer 

Loadablity – 1x20Ft. Container 20-22 Mts.

Delivery – 7 to 10 days after received advance payment

Soya Flour

Soya Flour is known for its great nutritional values. It contains high protein & is usually mixed with whole grains flours in many recipes it is also used in home cooking for a delicious to get soya in die.

Specification : Color – Cream to Light Yellow,Smell & Taste – Typically Soya,Protein – 52% Min.,Fat Content – 1.00% Max.,Crude Fiber – 3.25% Max.

Moisture – 9% Max ,Total Ash – 6.50% Max.

Acid Insoluble Ash – 0.30% Max ,Urease Activity – 0.2%

Max. Density – 0.65 gm/cc

Sieve Analysis – 95% Pass Through 100 Mesh ( ASTM)

Total Plate Count – &lt; 50000 Cells/gm

Coliform – &lt; 10/gm.,E-Coli – Nil

Salmonella – Nil/25 gm,Yeast &amp; Mould – &lt; 100

Cells/gm , Packing – 25Kg and 50Kg PP Bags or as per

Buyer , Loadablity – 1x20Ft. Container 18-19 Mts.)

Delivery – 7 to 10 days after received advance payment

Yellow Maize

The Yellow Maize is used for preparing a variety of dishes. These are finely dried and free from bacteria and thoroughly inspected by our professionals. We do not use any chemical and offer them in their most nutrient enriched form. Our variety of yellow maize is demanded throughout the country and overseas for their genuine quality, vital nutrient enrichment and typical taste. We offer them in both raw as well as sorted type. These are used in making fast foods, soups, dietary foods and Animal Feeds etc.


Color – Yellow

Type – Field corn

Moisture – <14%

Damaged – 2%

Immature – 2%

Insect damage – 2%

Foreign materials – 2%

Aflatoxins – < 20ppb

Packing – Loose,50kg as per buyer requirement.

Loadability – 1x20Ft. Container (22 Mts.)

Delivery – 7 to 10 days after received advance payment



The chickpeas are used for preparing a number of Indian cuisine and snacks. The chickpeas have their own unique taste and are free from any adulteration. These are cultivated and processed without any adulteration and enriched with nutrients and minerals gives scrumptious taste and health benefits to the food lovers. The product is packed in compliance with quality packaging methods so the product will not loose quality while transporting from one place to other.


Count- 42 – 44 per Oz or 12mm                 

44 – 46 per Oz or 10mm                 

58 – 60 Per Oz or 9mm      

Foreign Matter – 0.2% Max

Under Size Seed – 1% Max

Split Seed – 0.5%

Shriveld – 2% Max

Covering Damaged – 3% Max

Packing – 25, 50Kg. PP Bags  or as per buyer requirement.

Loadability – 1x20Ft. Container (22 -24 Mts.)

Delivery – 7 to 10 days after received advance payment

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